14 Jan 2011

Storefront Supporter 2011 Memberships Are Here!

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We’ve finally rolled out the ZeroTrash Storefront Supporter Membership Kit! It includes The Pledge, (below) which owners  agree to Pick  It Up!on the sidewalks and gutter in front of their store daily, to show pride in their community and the Red Window Badge.  (pic) Read more

04 Oct 2010

Nina, Eva & Wyatt of ZeroTrash LBHS help 1st SAT remove over 700 pounds of trash from our STREETs

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1st SATURDAY, October 2nd got off to a big start @ LBHS thanks to captains, Nina Giustis & Ava Eastman.

They reported about 10 Adopters @ the High School by 11AM and contributed to our total haul in Laguna of over 295 Pounds of TRASH & 416 Pounds of Recyclable materials removed from our Streets. Read more

24 Sep 2010

Saturday, September 26: Coastal Clean Up Day!

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Kick Butt, Get Your BUTTS in Here!, Hang on to Your Butts!

Lots of slogans are tried but are they working?  Start looking around your city streets for these nasty dawgs.  You’ll be alarmed. They are EVERYWHERE.  And where do they end up? Read more

22 Aug 2010

Home Sweet ZERO Trash Laguna HOME!

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OUR ZeroTrash Laguna CanyonCruising back into our h0metown after my annual summer Pacific Coast surf + camp trip!   And  man o’ man we can ALL be very proud of the work we’ve done, over the past 3 YEARS:  36 consecutive 1st SATURDAY’s, helping the City of Laguna’s clean-up crews in Zer0 Trash-ing our city!   There are few, if any towns as Trash free as Laguna Beach.

I rode thru hundreds of little cities, up and back down Hwy 1, parts of 101, thru Cali, Oregon & Washington.  Cities are losing the battle against trash!   Oregon coast used to be  virtually trash-free!  Not this year.  Among the worst in Cali: Santa Barbara & Ventura–truly unbelievable–particularly the Freeway entrances and exits.  We sure miss CAL-TRANS $$!

As many of you feel too, when you hit our beutiful Laguna Canyon, preserved by so many for so long, you feel the fresh ocean air get cooler as you drive West and immediately notice the dearth of TRASH!

Let’s work diligently to keep it ZERO!   1st SATURDAY Sept 4–Join Tex Haines @ Victoria Skimboards in Laguna Canyon from 10am to 12 Noon to clean OUR Canyon, and every 1st SATURDAY thereafter!

07 Jul 2010

1st SAT, We Kicked Some TRASH: 134.7lbs, RECYCLE 253.5

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ben & olivia jones kick BUTTTS!

ben & olivia jones kicked BUTTTS!

On 1st SATURDAY July 3rd, we had a great turnout.  The Hill clan came to El Ranchito, as well as the Jones family; Olivia & Ben, plus Dad.  Garrett, Harper & Jamie Cornish “Picked It Up” as well as the Meads, Jay Rechtor,  Tom Stewart and many more.

We at ZeroTrash are thank ful for our committed Heros  who consistently show they’re  support on 1st SATURDAY’s.  Thanks too to Waste Management for providing Bins @ ALL 7 locations & Screen Works for producing ZT Shirts.

As always, big ups to XS Energy Drinks for “Fueling the troops, since day One!: Zero Sugar, Zero Trash!”

**Watch for ZT’s new logo to be unvieled soon as well as the launch of a ZeroTrash San Diego town!

30 Jun 2010

1st SATURDAY July 3rd approaches!

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It’s that time again.  Another 1st SATURDAY of the month, another opportunity to support Laguna’s local businesses and clean up the STREETS around them. 

From 10-12Noon report to any of these great Laguna businesses. They’ll have supplies and some will have discounts on food, services or clothing.  Get out there & Pick It Up!

UPS Store @Boat Canyon

Victoria Skimboards in The Canyon

Whole Foods & Hobie downtown

Thalia Surf Shop & El Ranchito in The Village

Yogaworks & United Studios of Self Defense in So Lag

08 Jun 2010

WEIGHTS: ’1st Saturday’ June 5

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The Ewing family Rocked It!

The Ewing family Rocked It!

Thanks to Laguna’s Ewing family, among others: the Meads, McDermotts, Jay Rechtor and many more for all the junk they removed from Laguna’s sidewalks and gutters 1st SATURDAY June 5.

All in all  146.5 lbs of TRASH  + 261.6 lbs of Recyclables were Picked Up! from our STREETS with cigarette butts being the #1 trash culprit.

ZeroTrash Laguna would like to see more Store owners, especially local restaurants and clubs put their own Ashtrays out for patrons. Sure, smokers should be personally responsible for their BUTTS, but if there are not enough City-placed ashtrays, HELP out your smoking patrons with a well-placed Ashtray in front of your business!  Keep the carcinogens from entering our waterways!

05 May 2010

UPS Store becomes first NoLag ZeroTrash location

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Thanks to Mark Meisberger and family, North Laguna can “Pick It Up!”  on 1st SATURDAY’s  with the rest of Laguna Beach.

The Meisberger family and friends met @ the BoatCanyon store from 10 to Noon on 1st SATURDAY, May 1st, ranging up Boat Canyon and along Coast Hwy to remove 2 large bags of Recycling stuff and LOTS of cigarette BUTTS, especially around Pavillions, JP’s and Riddle Field.

All other locations reported ZT Heroes from Yogaworks & United Studios of Self Defense to El Ranchito, the LS&S Thalia Surf About, Hobie, Whole Foods & Victoria Skimboards in the Canyon.  Thanks to XS Energy Drinks for coolers of drinks and Laguna Coffee supplied to Yogaworks!  NEXT 1st SAT is JUNE 5, as always from 10am to Noon. Community Service Hours awarded, so, ‘Pick It Up!’  to volunteer or questions contact: Chip@ZeroTrash.org

20 Apr 2010

ZeroTrash EARTH WEEK School Assemblies El Morro 4.20 TOW 4.21

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Today at 11:30 am,  ZeroTrash founder, Chip McDermott will conduct 2 short assemblies at Laguna’s El Morro Elementary School. We’ll be urging kids to “Pick It Up!” on campus and reminding what is RECYCLABLE vs. what is TRASH both on campus and at home. TOW Assemblies will be Wednesday April 21st @ 11:15.  Come join us!

Trash or Recycle?

Trash or Recycle?

06 Mar 2010

“Use Your Ashtray!”

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Sadly, Laguna’s famous Canyon is also its biggest ashtray Read more