About ZeroTrash

ZeroTrash is a community clean-up project committed to reducing waste, ridding city streets of trash, supporting local business and fostering a sense of environmental responsibility.

1stOn the 1st SATURDAY of every month, ZeroTrash holds an open-house community clean-up event from 10am to noon. Everyone is welcome.

ZTZeroTrash also advocates for city governments to provide a greater infrastructure of public recycling, trashcans and cigarette butt disposal.

EDThe ZeroTrash Education Program is presented in local schools through hands-on events with local business sponsorship teaching personal responsibility in reducing waste in our towns & on our planet.

ITall started with ZeroTrash Laguna on October 6, 2007 when Laguna Beach resident Chip McDermott got sick of seeing trash all over the streets and decided to do something about it. He rallied together with local businesses to create what is now known as the 1st Saturday program. At 10am on the 1st Saturday of every month, local business owners (our storefront supporters) provide volunteers with food, coffee, t-shirts and trash pickers, and together we clean up the streets of our cities.