ZeroTrash Welcome

ZeroTrash is a community clean-up project committed to ridding city streets of trash, reducing waste, supporting local business and taking personal responsibility for the environment.

1stSATURDAY Our signature community clean-up event. 1st Saturday rallies the  community around local businesses to clean the streets around them and receive exclusive ZT discounts from our Storefront Supporters.

AdADVOCACY ZeroTrash also advocates for local governments to provide a greater infrastructure for public recycling, trash and cigarette butt disposal. You should be able to count on a public trash can on every corner and carcinogenic Butts don’t belong on our streets.

EdEDUCATION “Trash Talks” are hands-on school assemblies teaching kids how to take personal responsibility in reducing waste; re-enforcing proper recycling, composting and trash disposal. We can do better than landfills!

ITall started with ZeroTrash Laguna on October 6, 2007 when Laguna Beach resident Chip McDermott got sick of seeing trash all over the streets and decided to do something about it. He rallied together with local businesses to create what is now known as the 1st Saturday program. At 10am on the 1st Saturday of every month, local business owners (our storefront supporters) provide volunteers with food, coffee and trash pickers, and together we clean up the streets of our cities.

Running Total

To date, the ZeroTrash organization has removed 42,437 pounds of trash from our streets.

Last Month

Last month alone, ZeroTrash removed 711 pounds of trash from our streets.

Next Event

The next ZeroTrash event: Dec. 3rd from 10am to Noon. Click here for details to come on out and “Pick It Up!” with us.